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All albums are top quality hand made products finished with real leather, brushed metal, wood or leather type materials, sourced from around the world.


The Elite Album measures a full 17" x 12" size in either panoramic or vertical format and can display picture sizes ranging from 3" x 4.5" to 14" x 11". The album contains book bound pages with either white or black overlays revealing a varied number and layout of pictures on each page.

The Freestyle Album has an innovative and unique approach. Measuring 14" x 10" the album is designed with a magazine style book presentation. Each page side is a single 14" x 10" photographic print made from a composition of images in a style unique to your wedding. A 'double page spread' will give a maximum 20" x 14" image area.

The Wessex album measures 12" x 12" and can display picture sizes from 5" x 4" to 8" x 8" with white or black overlays. The book bound pages usually reveal one picture per side.

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